Stephan Kunz from KIAG recently completed a three week visit to all six InnovAfrica case countries in Africa. The aim of the visit was to get familiar with the field sites, interact with case country managers and to introduce the KIPUS tool for the collection of baseline household survey data. The digital questionnaire will be used to collect data from over 700 households each from Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania.   The household questionnaire was developed by KALRO and ILRI in consultation with other InnovAfrica Partners, and digitalized by KIAG.

InnovAfrica plans to establish an interactive and functional Knowledge Platform (KP) for sharing knowledge among the partners, farmers and other stakeholders. During the visit, Stephan held discussions with case country partners on the types and scope of information to be captured in the knowledge platform. The KP delivers dynamic data and information focusing on value chains and the functions of multi-stakeholders including extension advisory services. During the discussions, it was realised that the market   economy is a new concept for most of the subsistence farmers, who are interested in extending their activities through InnovAfrica. rungweThe market will offer new opportunities to farmers and trigger socioeconomic transformation. This will not only ensure that the food and nutritional needs of farming households are met, but also allow them opportunities to participate in the market to sell and buy agricultural produce and inputs.