In Tanzania, InnovAfrica promotes Brachiaria forage-livestock value chain in Rungwe District while sorghum-legume based cropping system will be introduced in Lindi District. Wider adoption of these two technologies will enable farming communities to improve productivity and 

cope with future extreme environments.


In Lindi, where sorghum-legume based cropping systems are being introduced, planning of field pilot demonstrations was preceded by three focus group discussions (FGDs); one at district level, the other two FGDs were conducted in each village where the demonstrations will be conducted, Nachunyu village and Mmumbu village. The project will work with three farmers groups, two farmers groups from Nachunyu village and one group from Mmumbu village. The farmer led field demonstrations will run for four years.

Field visits will be organized to increase the awareness of farmers and extension workers on improved technologies for sustainable agricultural intensification (SAI). Capacity-building through innovative Multi Actor Platforms will have a larger impact in the project sites and neighboring districts.

If successful and adopted widely, the combined ecological and nutritional impacts of these technologies will improve food and nutritional security, and livelihood of smallholder farmers due to increased productivity, nutrition and better marketing opportunities and household income.