Multi-Actor Platform has been helpful in the implementation of InnovAfrica project activities in Malawi. The site selection for field experiments was carried out jointly by local extension officials, traditional chiefs, participating farmers and CIMMYT staff.

The   field   validation experiments on maize-legume and millet-legume systems have been set up at Lobi-Dedza, and 72 farmers are involved in the validation process.  Cereal-legume value chain will be validated soon at Ekwendeni involving 50 farmers. Five farmers will conduct mother trials whereas 45 farmers will conduct baby trials.  Of 45 farmers conducting baby trials, 22 will intercrop legume with maize and sorghum and 23 will intercrop legume with maize and finger-millet.

The   rains   started   in early December at Lobi-Dedza and in late December in Ekwendeni. Crops in experimental sites are now at different stages because of different agro-climatic conditions of experimental sites. Soil samples have been collected from both sites and soil analysis has been completed for Ekwendeni.

Photo 1: Farmers getting seeds for experiment


Photo 2: Extension officers and farmers collecting soil samples


Photo 3: Finger millet and soybean intercrop