A major exercise to survey about farmers in 6 case countries has just concluded. The interdisciplinary questionnaire focusing on smallholders in the all the 12 InnovAfrica project sites (2 in each case country – Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi and South Africa).

The interdisciplinary questionnaire was developed with inputs from several project partners and focused on topics including the current sustainable agriculture technologies, institutional and policy arrangements and extension approaches in practice. It further collected data on the socio-economic status of farmers, gender issues, challenges to implement innovations and agriculture value chains.

Pilot testing was carried out in all the sites during October-November 2017 using KIPUS online tool. Based on the feedback the survey instrument was revised. KIPUS is an innovative tool that helps in data punching directly into the tablet that is subsequently synchronized. Data then becomes available for all partners irrespective of their location, for further analyses.

The main survey was, however, done manually, using paper questionnaires due to certain constraints and later data was punched into the KIPUS system and synchronized (January-March 2018).

Data outputs from the survey will be used to develop various deliverables within the project.

KALRO Scientist interviewing a woman farmer during household survey in Kenya