Members of Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) are actively involved in InnovAfrica project in the dissemination and upscaling of agricultural technologies to maximize impact. A field visit was organised for MAP members on 1st and 2nd March 2018 to familiarize them with project activities in Kirinyaga County, in central highlands of Kenya. Among the areas visited were Brachiaria grass validation experiment that farmers will participate in evaluation and selection of the most suitable grass. They also visited farmers who are growing Brachiaria grasses.

During the visit the MAP members were able to upraise themselves on farming systems and major challenges that smallholder farmers face in feeding dairy cattle. They had a fruitful discussion with farmers in Kagongo village and staff of Kamweti Agricultural Training Centre who have partnered with KALRO to train and upscale farmers on management of Brachiaria grass.

Mrs. Nyaga (third from right), a smallholder farmer in Kagongo village, Kirinyaga County, Kenya explains to MAP members how she has benefited from Brachiaria grass
MAP members during a field visit to Brachiaria demonstration plot at Kamweti Agricultural Training Center, Kirinyaga County, Kenya