On 24th May 2018, a farmer field day was organized in Kangundo village to provide first-hand information to farmers and relevant stakeholders on Brachiaria-livestock value chain and related technologies and its impact on the feed security and livestock productivity.

A total of 93 people representing smallholder dairy farmers, members of a small-scale dairy processing group, County extension agents, local leaders and representatives of InnovAfrica partners including KALRO, KENAFF, NIBIO and ILRI participated in the program.

County extension office, dairy processing group, KALRO and KENAFF displayed their technology/products and briefed participants about their institutions. Participants went around the farm owned by Mr. and Mrs.  Dambuki that has been growing Brachiaria grass for the past 4 years as a major feed input.

The farmer also keeps over a dozen of dairy cows. Mr. Dambuki informed fellow farmers and other participants that advantages and on how Brachiaria grass has been instrumental in expanding the number of animals and improving his income and livelihood. The InnovAfrica Coordinator and chief guest of the program, Dr. Udaya Sekhar Nagothu informed participants on the commitment of InnovAfrica project to contribute to food and nutrition security of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Farmers in general were keen and positive to adopt Brachiaria grass on their farms.

Participants attending the farmer field day