In Kenya, InnovAfrica has adopted vernacular posters in addition to others strategies to create farmer awareness on the availability of Brachiaria grass seeds for planting. From 27th September to 4th October 2018, the InnovAfrica team with the help from local extension officers distributed 550 and 770 posters in Kirinyaga County and Kangundo sub-County, respectively. The A4 size posters were displayed at strategic locations where they are easily visible. This included trees along rural roads, in market centres, petrol stations, churches, dairy co-operatives premises and other public buildings where the local people visit frequently. Some posters were provided to the local administration offices to put in areas where InnovAfrica team did not reach. The posters are written in vernacular for effective communication.

Brachiaria upscaling poster
Brachiaria upscaling poster in vernacular

Farmers in Kangundo sub-County, who are interested in planting Brachiaria grass during the short rains season (October/November 2018), are required to register with the Village Knowledge Centre (VKC) located at Constituency Development Fund (CDF) building in Kangundo market centre. Farmers from Kirinyaga County were requested to register at the sub-county livestock offices close to their locality. The information recorded during registration include; name, gender (sex and age), telephone contact, locality, number of dairy cattle owned and land size. There was an immediate response with onlookers crowding on to the poster to inquire about the content.

Brachiaria poster on tree
Vernacular poster posted on trees trunk to inform the availability of Brachiaria grass seeds