On 3rd November 2018,Soils, Food and Healthy Communities (SFHC) and InnovAfrica brought together young men and women from three youth clubs; Chipulikano, Kapilimhoto and Chitemwano. Th group of 84 youth (34 male and 50 female), got together at Kacheche, Mzimba. They organized themselves into two clubs of male and female.

They received training on group dynamics and democratic leadership, and discussed the qualities and characteristics of good leadership. Once the SFHC trainers were certain that the group understood the concepts taught, they were tasked to elect a committee to help guide them with their activities within the InnovAfrica Project. The elected committee will provide engaging ideas to the youth that the project would help them execute.



The Case Country Manager, Mr Laifolo Dakishoni, encouraged the youth to take on an active role towards becoming innovators. The youths’ chairperson Denis Qongwane pledged total commitment in working with the InnovAfrica project to change the lives of many youth in their community. He requested for cooperation from both SFHC staff and the youth to increase their effectiveness.

In conclusion, Mrs Esther Lupafya advised the youth on the value of forging through and staying committed to their work. She asked them to take on the initiative that SFHC through InnovAfrica project is undertaking. She encouraged them to consult SFHC through Mr. Laifolo Dakishoni and Mrs Lizzie Shumba for any activities that they thought suited them and would like to undertake. She urged them to take their activities seriously so they can yield good results.