University of Malawi researchers conducted a pre-harvest field day on 23 March 2019 at Lobi, Dedza site in Malawi. Done in collaboration with CYMMIT, the field day was attended by about 200 farmers, with some coming from surrounding villages. Seven non-participating farmers reported to have adopted the InnovAfrica intercropping and planting system for maize and Legumes.

CYMMIT researchers collect harvest data

Mrs. Napofu, one of the farmers who have adopted the system stood in the field in which she has used the intercropping system and said,“ndinayamba kulima ngati a Innovo chifukwa kaphatikizidwe ka mbeu ndi kadzalidwe ka ma laini atatu panzere umodzi ndizokoletsa mochuluka, komanso mbeu zosiyana-siyana pa malo amodzi”
(I started farming using InnovAfrica’s planting approach because of intercropping but also planting three lines of crops on one ridge. This will give me higher harvest, but also allow different crops from the same field).  

Mrs Napofu stands in her intercropped field

Talking during the field day, village head Maya commended InnovAfrica, for considering their village to participate in InnovAfrica activities, and secondly for encouraging farmers from other villages to learn from the fields of those who are participating in the farming Innovations. 

Maya, the village head speaks to participants and InnovAfrica partners

CYMMIT representative, Isaiah Nyagumbo, and researchers Mufunanji Magalasi, Victoria Ndolo and Mangani Katundu encouraged the farmers to take care of the experimental plots, so that others may learn from them. Additionally, Nyagumbo conducted the pre-harvest yield data collection in one of the farmer’s field.