The intensification of crop production through intercropping and the systematic record keeping at InnovAfrica has grown into a fascination to farmers in Lobi Dedza. As a farmer-led experimentation project, farmers are participating fully, not only in growing the crops but also systematic collection of data to compare yields from one season to another. One such activity is the collection of rainfall data.  

Stanley Kachale checking rainfall in the rain gauge.

Stanley Kachali is a participating farmer from Lobi Dedza. His village selected him to collect rainfall data from the rain-guage that the project provided. “Anandisankha kuti ndizilemba za mvula chifukwa choti ndimadziwa kuwerenga ndi kulemba. Tsiku liri lonse mvula ikagwa ndimabwera kudzalembera ma milimita amene rain guage ikuonetsa” – I was selected to write about the rain because I can read and write. When it rains, I record the millimetres as shown in the rain-guage. 

Participating farmers science and farming

InnovAfrica, a Horizon 2020 food, nutrition and sustainable agriculture project is approaching the farming activities by centring farmers in science as a way of empowering them with relevant knowledge.