The InnovAfrica Project participated for the second time at the Machakos Agricultural show and Trade Fair held from 26 to 29th June 2019.

The InnovAfrica project team in Kenya exhibited Brachiaria grass cultivars (Basilisk and Xaraes) at the KALRO stand where information on management, nutritive value and benefits to livestock production was demonstrated on posters.

Visitors to the booth were provided with leaflets bearing information on the goals and objectives of the InnovAfrica project.

The Brachiaria plots attracted an increased number of visitors with an estimated 1147 farmers, scholars and students visiting the plots compared to 770 in 2018.

A group of students at one of the Brachiaria plots learning about the ‘wonder grass’ technology

The Machakos Agricultural show is an annual event that provides a platform for farmers to learn new innovations and technologies in traditional and non-traditional agriculture value chains and provides avenues for networking.

The Show also provides farmers with hands-on technical, financial and managerial information. The theme of the show was the same for the last two years 2018 and 2019; ‘Promoting Innovation and Technology in Agriculture and Trade.’