The final year of the InnovAfrica project will focus on dissemination and communication of the project outputs. These activities will include thematic policy dialogue meetings, farmers’ trainings, research workshops, multi actor platform (MAP) meetings, the consortium meetings, and interactions with social media.

In addition to technical/policy briefs and popular/scientific articles to be published by the project partners in collaboration with MAP members, seven deliverables from different work packages/tasks will be prepared and submitted to the European Union (EU) in 2021.

A Brachiaria-livestock system in Kenya

During the period of November and December 2020, five deliverables were submitted to the EU for approval. These were outputs from the various tasks in work pages 2, 3, 4 and 5.

  • Deliverable 2.2: Five field visits (in each case country) and feedback reports that synthesise MAP activities in InnovAfrica.
  • Deliverable 3.3: Strategy document strengthening seed systems in the case countries.
  • Deliverable 3.4: Farmer manuals published on the Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (SAI) systems that include: (i) Farmer manuals published on SAI cropping practises, and (ii) Farmer manual for Brachiaria grass production.
  • Deliverable 4.3: A comprehensive plan for investments, market infrastructure, capacity and agri-business models prepared for selected products in each case country.
  • Deliverable 5.4: A policy manual with guidelines and pathways for enabling innovations that contribute toward sustainable agriculture and improved food security in Africa.
A maize-legume system