As part of the InnovAfrica project activities, a series of policy dialogue meetings are being held and/or are planned to be held in March, April and May 2021, and outputs from the meetings will be summarized on 30th May to serve as inputs to a number of deliverables.

The objectives of these meetings are to interact with policy makers including relevant MAP members in each case country and establish and strengthen science-stakeholder-policy linkage and increase policy uptake of the most promising research results in the six case countries of InnovAfrica project.

Process for policy brief preparation

The main topics of the policy dialogue discussions include upscaling Brachiaria forage grass, Village knowledge centres (VKC), Integrated farm planning (PIP), Crop diversifications (cereals with legumes) through Farmer to Farmer (F2F) extension, and Value chain related issues among others. The common steps that will be followed in the policy dialogue (PD) roundtables is shown above, which will be adjusted to the specific needs of each case country.

Expected outputs/outcomes and deliverables from policy dialogue meetings

D2.3: Six policy briefs through channelizing project results to Multi actor platform (MAP) members, D4.4:  Develop policy and institutional guidelines, D5.5: Six policy briefs specifying effective governance models, D6.3: Six policy dialogue workshops proceeding