In the final year of the InnovAfrica project, the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) team has not provided input support to farmers as they previously did in the last three planting seasons. The focus of the ARC team during the final year has been on wider dissemination of project results and provision of technical support when contacted by farmers. 

It is so encouraging to see majority of farmers have planted fields without any assistance from the ARC team despite the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of these farmers have continued to use sustainable agricultural practices such as intercropping and crop rotations in combination with good agronomic practices tested and promoted by the InnovAfrica project.

Maize plot managed by a farmer Ms. Ndlovu in the final year of InnovAfrica project at Lejwaneng village, Free State province

Some farmers have been monitoring rainfall with manual rain gauges and recording their farm activities. As a result of good rains during this season, the farmers’ crops are in good conditions as the harvest season approaches. This indicates that farmers have adopted the innovations that were promoted by the InnovAfrica project and are highly determined to increase their crop production at all costs.