Food security through smallholder adaptability



The goal of InnovAfrica is to improve FNS i) by integrating sustainable agriculture intensification systems, innovative institutional approaches with novel extension and advisory services, and ii) by enhancing capacity building and knowledge sharing in smallholder farming in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) through a strong EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership.

Six representative African case study countries have been selected to establish the feasibility of innovative SAI systems, and explore their potential for large-scale dissemination and exploitation. In the process, the project seeks to develop smallholder-based locally adaptable agri-business models by enhancing value chains, policy and innovative extension services using smart phone technology and social media that will support smallholders and consumers towards long-term FNS. To achieve this, the project has defined a set of six specific objectives and corresponding work packages, outputs and outcomes. A balanced multi-disciplinary expert team with varied backgrounds from research institutions, universities, government agencies, SMEs, farmer organizations and private sector from Europe and Africa, will systematically implement the various WPs.