Food security through smallholder adaptability

Study areas

InnovAfrica will be implemented in six case study countries, namely Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Africa with a combined population of about 280 million (i.e., about 24% of the population in Africa). There will be 12 pilot sites distributed in six case study countries strategically selected to cover diverse agroecological zones.

mapAgriculture is the backbone of national economy and means of livelihood for many African countries including the case study countries since the historical time. The 6 case countries and the 12 pilot sites have been selected based on: i) representative AEZs in the respective case countries; ii) the potential they provide to promote mixed crop-livestock production in SAI; iii) the active stakeholder networks of the consortium and iv) the constraints and opportunities in EASs that can help in technology, extension and institutional innovations and policy outreach.

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