Food security through smallholder adaptability

WP3 Farmer led experimentation


WP3 will test and validate or upscale innovative SAI systems (including maize-legume CS, millet-legume CS and Brachairia feeding system) and EASs approaches such as PIP, FPRT + F2FE, VKCs equipped with smart phones in the relevant case study sites. These innovative technologies and extension approaches will be tested by farmer-led experimentation trials in collaboration with MAPs and active involvement of women and youth. Those that have already been successful will be upscaled to other areas in the country, for instance the Brachairia feeding system in Kenya or maize-legume CS in Malawi. The main WP3 results will be: 1) field trial reports, 2) assessment reports of adopted technologies, EASs, and seed delivery systems and 3) farmer manuals on the SAI systems.